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We conduct research around the globe. Consumers in all their complexity are our focus. We offer actionable results and clear recommendations. Your needs and questions are at the core of everything we do. Throughout all research phases we continuously optimize our methods and project operations – no matter if qualitative or quantitative, online or offline, creative or data-based.

As a multi-specialist, GIM offers expertise in a wide variety of fields and for different tasks. Discover our diversity


G.I.M. Market Research Co., Ltd. is a full-service market research institute founded in Shanghai in 2015. The company is a subsidiary of the German full-service market research institute Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH (for more details see below)

Our Research Expertise and Portfolio
GIM China represents the broad research portfolio of its parent company Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung on the Chinese market. This means it provides qualitative and quantitative market research services in central industries (focus on automotive & mobility, FMCG, finance and technology) and conducts both, B2C and B2B research

GIM China’s operative business is managed by research experts with more than 20 years of experience in market research on the Chinese market. They are experts in U&A studies, targeting and segmentation, brand health management, communication effectiveness, marketing mix test, customer satisfaction / experience, mystery shopping and many other fields. A nationwide network enables fieldwork execution from Tier 1 – 6 cities / towns. As research center of APAC, GIM China has abundant in-bound project experience


Your research experts at GIM China are

Ben Jin

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Savas Tumis
General Manager Corporate
Legal Representative

Prof. Tumis has more than 30 years experience in Entrepreneurship, Management and Marketing. In Market Research and Branding he has been working since 1998. Before joining GIM, he worked as General Manager and Legal Representative for diverse Industrial and Service Enterprises in China and in Europe

Since 2008 Prof. Tumis is Honorary Professor for Innovation Marketing at the Technical University of Berlin. He published four Books and he is author of more than 30 articles in Chinese, English and German Language

Since 2002 Prof. Tumis is European Patent Attorney and Trademark Attorney



Prof. Dr. Savas Tumis
General Manager Corporate / Legal Representative | GIM China
Tel: 0086 21 2216 6403 | Mobile: 0086 134 8279 9885
Email: S.Tumis@g-i-m.com I www.g-i-m.com

Ben Jin

Jiahui Xu
Research Manager

Jiahui is the research manager of GIM China. He has 5 years experience in marketing research area, both qualitative and quantitative. Before joined GIM, he has worked for Ipsos and GfK.

Jiahui is experienced in many qualitative methodologies especially for automotive industry. He has managed in many automotive projects such as car clinic, branding, U&A and communications. Meanwhile, Jiahui has conducted a large amount of focus groups and in-depth interviews.

He has served manufacturers such as Ford, Jaguar, Volkswagen, Cadillac, Peugeot, Citroen, Audi, Rolls Royce, Chevrolet, Michelin, KIA and etc. Jiahui graduated from the Australian National University with Master of Business degree.


Jiahui XU
Research Manager | GIM China
Tel: 0086 21 2216 6403 | Mobile: 0086 138 1729 6907
Email: J.Xu@g-i-m.com I www.g-i-m.com

Ben Jin

Yiming Chen
Research Manager

Yiming has 5 years experience in marketing research industry, specializing in quantitative research of automotive sector. Before joining GIM, he has worked for Ipsos and GfK.

Yiming is experienced in handling several types of research: car clinic, brand tracking study, communication monitoring, pricing, U&A and etc.

Yiming has served global automotive manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Chrysler, BMW, Audi, Porsche, as well as some joint-ventures and local brands such as PSA, Guangzhou Honda, Chery, Qoros and etc.

Yiming has dual-bachelor degree: Management from Shanghai University and Business in University of Technology Sydney.


Yiming CHEN
Research Manager | GIM China
Tel: 0086 21 2216 6403 | Mobile: 0086 138 1797 7174
Email: Y.Chen@g-i-m.com I www.g-i-m.com



GIM Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung mbH is a full-service market research institute founded in 1987. GIM’s head office is in Germany (in Heidelberg, further office in Berlin). Apart from Shanghai, GIM also has international subsidiaries in France (GIM France, Lyon) and in Switzerland (GIM Suisse, Zurich). The managing directors are Mr. Wilhelm Kampik and Mr. Stephan Teuber. As representatives of the principal partner GIM, they are also members of GIM China’s board of directors.

We are an independent premium market research institute
Initially founded as a market research institute focusing on qualitative market research, GIM has since turned into a leading full-service provider of high-quality market research services. GIM has offered their clients qualitative research services and - for the past 15 years - also substantial quantitative research services on a premium level and in many different areas of marketing and market research while still having maintained its independence. According to an official ranking (Context), GIM is the number one market research institute with headquarters in Germany in the area of qualitative research. In 2015, the annual turnover was about 24m Euros with 115 permanent employees.

Our international research approach
Since its foundation, GIM has been conducting research worldwide using its close and long-established relations with its international partner institutes. This strong network enables GIM to conduct projects for its clients on up to 50 different markets a year. The share of international market research has continuously been rising over the years. Today, almost half of the 500 research projects per year are conducted in an international context.

Research for all industries and all areas of research
GIM research expertise covers nearly 30 industries (B-to-B and B-to-C), its method portfolio is one of the broadest on the market – from ethnography to co-creation to segmentations and trackings. This variety allows us to provide services for many of the currently listed DAX- and MDax-companies. Apart from that, the most relevant pillars for our permanent growth are our high quality standards and our policy of tailoring our work to our clients‘ desires and research questions. Not least because of these aspects, GIM regularly reaches the top rankings in an image and customer satisfaction survey (like for example in 2015 and 2013).

Our principles of research
Quality and objectivity are at the heart of our work. Our research complies with scientific standards and is comprehensively focused on delivering objective knowledge. GIM can guarantee delivery of knowledge on the basis of the meticulous and academically proven variety of approaches to market research as well as countless quality control measures which are implemented at all stages of the research.

Discover our research diversity
For our clients, we do research along the entire value chain and offer them customized research products. Our elaborate research process SPICE forms the basis on which we find answers to almost all relevant research questions posed by marketing responsibles. In this way, we combine our research expertise and an understanding of marketing in the best possible way.